October 20 we kick off the LFTT season at our Z Farm in Missouri. This farm features an excellent mix of woodlots, deep ravines, powerlines and crops.  This is not just a travel corridor and it promises to hold a giant or three! This farm is in the middle of massive whitetail country!

This will be our second year on this farm although we've added 900 acres to what we hunted last season. We've also added a handful of members, most of which will be Live right along with us. This is a long term project that we are excited about!

2017 LFTT Series Schedule Just Released!!!

Between runs to Kansas and Missouri, Bubba will be visiting good friends in Verdigre Nebraska. This farm was decimated by Blue Tongue 5 years ago on our first visit and has been fighting to come back, with every year being better and better. The genetics are there to be a world class farm!  You also never know what the weather will bring...many of you will remember the absolutely brutal weather we've battled over the years!

Kansas was really, really good to us last year, so November 5-11 you will find us making our way back to the great state of Kansas! This will be our annual Outfitter Spotlight stop of the trip and we will be slinging arrows with good friend Steve Hall, owner of  Kansas Farmland Outfitters. 

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